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Step up to the Plate with Soft Greys

To end this mini-series on using colour in kitchens and dining rooms we take a look at soft greys. These gentle colours can be used in any decorating motif to create a ‘user-friendly’ look. ‘User-friendly’ because pale shades of grey compliment white beautifully, so even if your kitchen cabinets are a little old, and white you’re onto a winner.

Changing cabinet door handles has to be the easiest way to give a kitchen a fresh look, if you choose silver coloured metals they can then set the scene for the rest of your makeover. If your white goods, fridge, freezer, cooker hood etc. need replacing opt for those with a metal finish to tie in with the soft greys.

Window dressings can also be brought bang up to-date with ready made Roman blinds or roller blinds in soft grey. To add an extra kick of colour red makes a great accent, and as we saw earlier this week it’s a great colour for both kitchens and dining areas as it stimulates appetite.

Cast your eyes down and look at your flooring, this is another area which can easily date both a kitchen and dining room. Choose a practical floor, one which not only looks great but one which can also withstand the rigours of daily life, accidental spills etc. If you’re kitchen or eating area is large flooring can work out to be quite expensive – if this is the case you can always add a kitchen rug to in colours to compliment your new window dressing. If you have stripped or plain floorboards considering painting them white. This may be a labour intensive job, however, the end result is ideal for country cottages and Shabby Chic styled homes.

Accessories, as we’ve seen this week, are the key to bringing in a new colour. Soft greys give you the advantage of using metal, stainless steel and brushed chrome are two examples, for fruit bowls, kettles, toasters, flower pots etc. Mix and match white and grey so that you have a balanced look. These colours sit very comfortably side-by-side, add small pops of an accent (red) to bring additional interest to the rooms.

Easter weekend is renowned for being a time to redecorate or start sprucing up the garden – as many of you won’t be able to get into your garden turn your attentions to bringing a fresh new look into your kitchen and dining room.

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