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Interior Design

Step up to the plate with Candy Brights

A white kitchen or dining area doesn’t have to be bland just because it has white as the base colour. In fact white gives you the ideal blank canvass on which to add colour and what could be more appropriate to give your home an injection of sunny colours than using candy brights.

The colours remind us of warm sunny days, their bright hues sing out warmth and happiness and what’s more exciting is that you don’t have to work too hard or spend too much money to get the look.

Vertically striped wallpaper with candy coloured stripes is ideal for walls – if you don’t like using wallpaper why not use fabric instead? It’s relatively simple to do using a mixture of starch and water, and furthermore when you need to replace it it’s far easier to remove than wallpaper. Using fabric as a wall covering is becoming increasingly popular as it brings a soft tactile surface which is easy to work with, and a great way to cover imperfections in a wall’s surface. If it sounds like too much work you can always place fabric on the top half of the wall and leave the bottom plain or vice-versa.

Brightly coloured plastic chairs and a plain white table add to the overall effect – if you don’t want to use plastic paint wooden chair in candy colours – only small tins of paint will be necessary as each chair should be painted a different colour to keep the theme true.

Accessories will come into their own with this stylish way of decorating. Funky coloured kettles, toasters and coffee pots can all be left on display adding to the fun element – this is also great if you’re pushed for storage space. Use open shelving or display units rather than filling up kitchen cupboards to display kitchen related items – words such as ‘cook’, ‘bake’ etc. are ideal for bringing a modern look to the area. As much as you may be tempted to don’t try and cram too much onto the display shelves or worktops – remember the ‘less is more’ rule to keep your kitchen or dining area looking at its best – it will also be easier to keep clean which has to be a good thing in any kitchen or dining area.

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