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Step up to the Plate with Juicy Reds

The colour associated with appetite, red is an ideal colour choice for kitchens and dining rooms. As we discussed in yesterdays post you can be inspired by nature to see the vast range of shades and hues to use; from juicy tomato reds to the more subtle raspberry, there’s plenty to choose from to suit traditional and modern homes.

Although we’re talking about kitchens and dining rooms we mustn’t ignore the fact that red can be used in living rooms and bedrooms as well. Red is a romantic colour making it perfect for bedrooms, as it’s a naturally warm colour it’s superb for living rooms as well.

Choosing the right shade of red is, of course, a personal choice, however for a little guidance it’s worth considering the intensity of red and the amount you use in a room. Too much colour saturation can be far too overwhelming, so use red as accents and you’ll find the effect is far more successful.

Rather than painting or wallpapering walls red try using them to add pops of colour via your soft furnishings, such as curtains, kitchen blinds, rugs and table linen. You’ll need to bear in mind colour combinations when choosing a second accent – for example red and green look stunning together, but they’re also associated with Christmas, so unless you want Christmas-y cheer all year round selecting another accent may be a wiser choice. Black is an ideal second accent for both kitchens and dining rooms.

For a modern look go for bold reds teamed with bright white, this looks especially stunning in kitchens or try a deeper shade of red in dining rooms to add elegance and splendour. A black table and chairs look majestic and regal against a red and white back drop. If you love a Japanese inspired interiors then a red colour pallet with black lacquered furniture are the ideal colour combinations to choose.

Don’t forget to add texture to your rooms. Sleek, shiny steel compliments juicy red accessories in kitchens while textured rugs and even wall coverings are great in dining rooms.

If you want your home décor to stand out from the crowd then try something new – the same applies if you’ve always had the same colour schemes and traditional wallpapers with white woodwork etc. – step out of your comfort zone and be inspired to try a new approach. You’ll be amazed at the difference change can make to the dynamics of your home.

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