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Interior Design

Storing Ain’t Boring

You wake up, slowly creak open those eyelids, look around you and gasp “Oh crap. I’ve fallen asleep at the tip….. again”. We’ve all done it, right?! Yeah, I thought so.
Then as you look around, some familiar forms appear; it’s definitely your bed, your pictures, your ugly vase off your gran – your room in fact. There just seems to be an awful lot of…. stuff in it.

The makeup and bags and DVDs and perfumes and books and clothes and… and… things. All vital necessary things but they seem to be EVERYWHERE, taking over your room. It doesn’t stop at the bedroom either, oh no. During the night the children’s toys have evidently broken free, had a rave then passed out all over the living room. The shoes have been breeding in the hallway and the avalanche threat posed by the over packed pots and pans cupboard is a national disaster waiting to happen.

And this clutter isn’t because you’re messy (actually some of you will be messy – fret not, we can help you too), but because these things just don’t have a home yet. It’s time to give them a home – it’s time to think ‘storage’.

In an ideal world we’d all have some concealed sexy built in units where we could neatly arrange (or squash in and hide) our many possessions, keeping our rooms clutter free, minimal, stylish, organised and downright lovely – as well freeing up some extra space.

But, we don’t. Sexy concealed storage is out of reach for most budgets.

So what we are in desperate need of is cheap, inventive and beautiful storage solutions. And well fancy that, this just happens to what this blog is all about:

Frame it: packing belongings away in plastic boxes is rarely the answer if they are things you use regularly (plus they’re as ugly as anything). Good storage should be practical, accessible but also beautiful. Utilising an existing frame and creating art from your colourful CDs, DVDs or cotton reels adds a feature to your room as well as freeing up surface space. Organise paperwork on clipboards that have been artistically arranged on a free wall, ensuring bills don’t get lost behind the back of the fridge for 2 months (not speaking from personal experience. Honest).

Second life: Before dashing for the bin bags, scooping up everything in sight and throwing it down a deep dark hole, think what can be reused. Jam jars, coffee pots, buckets can all be attached to walls or the underside of shelves and are brilliant to store those colourful crafts objects; buttons, thread, wool, pins, screws or beads – visible and pretty storage opportunities. Buckets in bathrooms can be individual holders for each individual’s toiletries. And as for those raucous toys, keep them at bay in hanging baskets attached to the wall (at a height your children can access – enabling them to tidy their own toys away).

Innovate: don’t worry if something ‘wasn’t made to do that’ be an inventor, experiment and make use of what you have. The ceiling has the same surface area as the floor, yet how many of use utilise this. Go on, suspend your bike up there, hang your pans up there. That ladder you tried to hide under you bed but it stuck out 2 foot – put it on show and use it as a gorgeous shoe display. Have your office in a cupboard, not only will it save space and keep your work related items together, but you can also close the doors on it at night and forget about it.

With a bit of ingenuity your home can be organised, tidy and visually delightful. Take a look around and don’t think what things should be, but what they could be. Reorganising is a great opportunity to get creative and with the spring clean due about now there’s never been a better time.

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