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Up-cycling Interior Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Fed up with the look of your kitchen and don’t have the spare cash for a complete make-over? We have some wonderful interior design tips to give your kitchen a face lift without breaking the bank.

Cupboard Love
Smarten up cupboards and cabinets with a lick of paint, it’s easy and far cheaper than buying new. If you’re pushed for time try replacing the knobs and handles, you’ll be surprised what a difference it will make.

Add a Rug
If you’re tired of your kitchen flooring give it a new lease of life by using cheap rugs. Go for those which compliment your colour scheme so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. A little comfort underfoot is the perfect morale booster. If you have a nasty stain a rug will cover that too, giving you both tactile and visual solace.

Smart looks for kitchen dining
If you love Shabby Chic then a distressed table and chairs won’t need any attention, however, if you prefer smart then a simple table cloth and matching seat pads will give an instant up-date to your kitchen table and chairs.

Give your Windows the Wow Factor
Nothing dates a kitchen more than out-date and tired looking window dressings. Invest in new kitchen blinds or curtains to brighten up your kitchen. Whilst your attention is focused on the window giving it a good clean, inside and out, will help to make your new window dressing look chic and stylish.

Make more Work Space
Giving yourself more work space is simple. De-cluttering is the first step – it may be time consuming but it won’t cost a penny. Organise cookery books and kitchen utensils so that they become features rather than hindrances. By adding shelving you can also free-up much need work space.

Accessorise Wisely
It may be lovely to have your child’s art work all over your fridge door but there comes a time when it needs to become more of a feature than disorganised clutter; ask your child to choose their favourite pieces and display them on a cork board – rotating them regularly will also show your child that you love displaying their work.

Select accessories which suit the style and size of your kitchen – it sounds simple but many people find it difficult to get the balance right. Odd numbered groups, for example 3 or 5, are always stylish. Be selective remembering the less is more rule. Like your child’s artwork you can rotate your accessories to keep your kitchen full of interest.

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