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Budget Friendly Dining Room Ideas Using Trendy Teal

Bright and bold turquoise, teal and white are the perfect colour combinations to bring a rich and vibrant look to your dining room. This bright modern style can be a great way to up-date your dining room, especially as you can paint wicker chairs to give them a new lease of life.

Undoubtedly you have to love the colour to include it in your home. As this is a full-on colour burst it’s not for the faint hearted. However, the colours work amazingly well together and could be just what’s need to regenerate your dining room. Be careful if you want to use a base colour other than whites or soft creams, with the exception of black turquoise-teal doesn’t blend well with many other colours. If you opt for a shade closer to traditional teal then you’ll be able to use browns and beige successfully.

White walls give you a blank canvas on which the accent colour, in this case turquoise-teal, can be used for window dressings and accessories. With a nod towards the Orient, white wicker chairs can be given extra comfort with soft teal coloured seat pads which match full length teal curtains. If you use ringtop curtains and prefer not to see the curtain track or pole a stylish fabric covered pelmet with a scalloped edge takes away any harshness and compliments the style of the room beautifully.

As it’s the colour which is the show stopper try not to include too many accessories – let the room speak for itself. Turquoise dogs of Foo can be placed on small shelves looking towards each other and a mirror. The intense colour of the accessories should be used sparingly otherwise you run the risk of having a turquoise-teal overload which can look kitsch and tacky.

However, turquoise is believed by many to ward off evil and have therapeutic properties. The colour is perfect for both Chinese, Mayan and Indian styled rooms and with its ability to represent the colours of the ocean it also works well if you prefer a modern California motif.

The colour also represents cleanliness along with the ability to calm, although as mentioned above too much and you many go into a melt-down. Work with the colour and you’ll be surprised just how affective it can look. Its vibrant, yet calming affects will be ideal for informal dining with friends and family.

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