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Winter Bedroom Interior Design Ideas for Teen Boys

Snuggling up toasty warm isn’t solely a girl’s phenomenon, boys get cold too and while they may shy away from wrapping a blanket around themselves in the presence of others, in their bedroom they also like to dive under the duvet as if they in Winter hibernation. Many do this to such an extent it’s been know by many parents for them not to surface until midday and then it’s to raid the fridge before they dive back under the covers.

Of course you want to keep your teen warm, and its easy to do. Upping the tog rating of their duvet is a logical course of action and will also give you the opportunity to change the bedding. There are some great duvet covers in a wide range of colours and patterns, and as we’ve discussed earlier this week having warm colours can make a person and a room feel warmer. As many boys rooms are blue, (this is deemed a cold colour) if they allow you try and change the duvet cover for warm reds, oranges or purples.

Maybe they’re going through a phase of wanting everything black and this isn’t a problem either, black curtains, duvet covers and rugs will make the room dark and therefore psychologically warmer – for them if not for you!

Alternately you can add a blanket or throw. Start with it neatly folded across the bottom of the bed as this will give your teen the choice whether they use it or not as any parent of teens will tell you letting them make their own choices is imperative if you don’t want to end up with an argument on your hands.

As with any bedroom make sure windows and draught free and use ringtop curtains with a thermal lining or ready made roman blinds uk to help keep their bedroom warm. Full length curtains are also a good idea as they can also help the room look and feel warmer and cosier.

An area rug is an ideal addition to wooden flooring, providing warmth if and when they step out of bed.

At the end of the day your suggestions to keep your teens warm may or may not be taken notice of , but given choices allows them to choose and with any luck stop them grumbling of being cold.

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