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Interior Design Ideas: Perfect Plaids

As we continue looking at tartans and plaids the most striking thing you’ll find is the wide variety of colours and tones available. From the rich dark greens to the softer lavenders, there’s a perfect plaid to suit the style of your home and your personality. There’s little point in having strong dark colours if you are a demur and quiet person who prefers the more softer, muter colour tones. In reverse the paler plaids will do nothing to lift the spirits of a someone who likes to be bold with there colour scheme.

Once you’ve decided whether you want dark and strong, like you coffee or you’d rather have a milky latte which is light and creamy you can then start to bring plaids and tartans into your soft furnishings and décor.

Start with the soft furnishings and add cushions and throws to your living room or bedroom. You can even look for curtains online with a plaid or tartan pattern. Once you’ve become accustomed to the patterns simply add more until you reach your desired look.

This may be going all out and adding plaid fabrics to recover a foot stool or even make a fabric covered coffee-style table, along with additional throws and cushions to give a new look to your seating. In the bedroom you may opt for plaid patterned duvet covers which will bring a look of warmth and style to your bedroom.

As with any pattern its wise to choose plaids which include colour tones that you’d normally put together, for example creams with trendy lilacs sit comfortably next to olive greens mid-tone reds. The great thing about using plaids or tartans is that the pattern is basically the same it’s the combination of colours which change – this common theme makes it virtually impossible not to create a cohesive look.

As the snow and freezing temperatures are keeping many of inside there’s noting quite like a tartan throw and plump cushions to keep you warm as you sit in front of the fire – come Spring and the throws can be used to add pattern and colour to plain sofas and chairs and even hide unwanted signs of wear and tear. Alternatively you could rotate your soft furnishings and bring out your Spring/Summer ensemble and store the plaids until Autumn arrives – this is an effective and great way to keep your home looking refreshed and on-trend throughout the year.

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