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Interior Design Ideas: Tasty Tartans

You have to admit that there’s something warm and homely about tartans and what could be more stylish to use tartan to serve up a tasty treat in your dining room? Of course this doesn’t mean literally – it means using tartan fabrics to recover or reupholster your dining room chairs.

Whether you have identical dining chairs or a mixture you can bring the tartan theme into play by bringing the whole ensemble together using the same or a variety of tartans and plaids. Having a mixture is perfect when you don’t have identical chairs and can also bring extra colour and style to your dining room if you do. You can recover just the backs of chairs or if this is a little tricky you could consider recovering the seat pads or making seat pads and tying them in place with co-ordinated ribbon – all will look chic and stylish and can be adapted to fit into the style of your dining room.

For example; Tartan fabrics not only bring a sense of warmth and homeliness to your dining room they are ideal for creating a charming rustic look, more especially if you have a wooden dining table and chairs. To further enhance the rustic look place a rug under the table to help keep feet warm – this is a godsend during the winter if you have a stone or tiled floor along with a great way to add another tactile dimension to your dining room.

Use accessories, such as ready made roman blinds made with tartan, rich velvet curtains in neutral colours, large pillar candles, stag antlers etc. to bring a flow with the theme – you don’t have to have furniture and furnishings with an old crofter look, you can be ‘Laird of the Manor’, as tartans know no boundaries when it comes to be adaptable to its surroundings. If you want a modern designer look try using the latest coloured tartans, fuchsia pink, teal and charcoal greys offer an up-dated versions of all time classics and suit modern homes extremely well.

The more traditional tartans sport greens, reds, forest greens and deeper blues, all of which will bring a sense of family traditions and gatherings of the clan – perfect for high-days and holidays when your family arrive to eat dinner or supper. You don’t have to serve haggis but you can serve-up a delicious interior design style which is welcoming as well as on-trend and very stylish.

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