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Interior Design Ideas: Peaceful Plaid

Plaids and tartans have quite literally been around for centuries; many Scottish families have their own tartan design and colours which enabled clans to easily be identified. Today families and army regiments do still have their own tartans which are proudly worn on ceremonial duties. The Welsh and the Irish also have their own tartans, which differ in colours in much the same way as Scottish tartans.

Used as lengths of fabrics, which were gathered at the waist and belted to hold in place, tartan skirts are worn by both men and women. Tartan shawls and blankets were the other two most common uses of tartans in people’s homes.

Today family tartans still exist and yet they are no longer only available for those in a particular clan; anyone can use tartan or plaid either for personal attire or for using in their homes. This year tartans and plaids are hot within the world of interior design. We’re seeing them being used for upholstery, wall covers, duvet covers and soft furnishing fabrics.

Designer plaids are also bang on-trend; these plaid fabrics don’t have any specific relevance to a clan, although if you dug deep enough into history the chances are you’d find an attachment to many of them. Grey and pinks, thistle purples and charcoals, teals and browns are the height of fashion and include the all too familiar check pattern which is so apparent and evident in old tartan and plaid fabric designs.

In the bedroom plaids in soft greys are peaceful and tranquil, they don’t scream out for attention but the do give a bedroom depth, character and pattern. Team with luxury bedding in white for a look which is refined and elegant. Using full length white sheers and soft grey curtains a warm look is achieved. If you want a splash of colour which isn’t too overpowering or intrusive lime green work exceedingly well, but don’t over do it or the peaceful look will be lost.

Don’t fancy plaid or tartan bedding? Then simply use it as a wall covering. If you use fabric you’ll also introduce a soft, tactile nature to your walls which is reminiscent of plush hotel bedrooms; or if you prefer tartan wallpapers will provide a similar look.

Include plaid cushions and even a trendy bed runner in the same or complimentary colours. To continue a Scottish theme look for bedside table lamps with faux antler bases or include thistle, stag or family crests to accessories – remembering not to use too many or the room will lose its chic styling.

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