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A Modern Spin on Patchwork – Modern Mixes

In the last post of this mini-series we take a look at how you can bring patchwork into a modern or contemporary home. As we’ve discussed throughout the week you can use patchwork in many different interior design styles and for many different uses – from rugs, to window dressings, cushions, duvet covers and even create patchwork covered furniture.

Today we focus more towards using patchwork as an accessory – this work particularly well in modern homes – using white as a blank canvas for walls, window dressings and flooring, modern patchwork is bought into play using stylised modern rugs, wall art and cushions.

The white emphasises the contemporary look beautifully; by using plain white curtains and plain white walls the eye is automatically drawn to the coloured features within the room – namely the patchwork accents. This ideas is great for bedrooms too; again having plain white or perhaps a soft ivory, a patchwork duvet cover will become your focal point to which the eye is automatically drawn.

We mustn’t forget that modern patchwork doesn’t have to look out-dated or inherited. Today’s patchwork oozes bright colours and informality, rather than having the precision of by-gone patchwork bedspreads and quilts with complicated and intricate designs.

With the availability of so many different uses and styles patchwork is no longer relegated to specific interior design styles; it can be adapted to suit any style of home or decorating motif. Furthermore, like many of today’s consumer goods, you don’t have to spend hours or even years making patchwork for your home. There’s patchwork kits as well as duvet covers and curtain fabrics which have a patchwork design printed on them. This gives you the look without any of the hard work or patience needed to make your own patchwork soft furnishings.

Another great reason for using patchwork in a predominantly white room is that it enables you to bring a wide variety of colours and textures into your rooms – you can choose whether your patchwork also includes patterned fabrics or not – another modern touch is to only use plain fabrics so that the emphasis is placed on co-ordinating colours rather than patterns.

All in all patchwork is forecast to remain on-trend for many years – especially while many of us are still feeling the pinch of a double-dip recession – these beautiful pieces of work can last a lifetime and be passed down through the generations as they have done for many centuries.

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