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A Modern Spin on Patchwork – Sofas

As we’ve seen patchwork comes in many guises and can be used in every room of your home. Furthermore it can also be sued to create chic interiors which aren’t necessarily Shabby Chic, Shaker or stylised around the Arts & Crafts. A patchwork sofa can sit comfortably in a more formal room and makes a superb focal point for the room, especially when it’s the only pattern being used on furniture and soft furnishings.

To get the look you’ll be wise to use full length curtains uk or drapes in neutral tones – linen, white or silver curtains would be ideal. Make sure they have a generous width size so that the are voluminous; to allow plenty of light into the room sweep them open and hold in place with co-ordinating tie-backs. Full length voiles can also be used in conjunction with the curtains to provide both style and privacy.

Stripped floorboards, painted white or cream, can be given a homely look by using tufted rugs in a solid colour – select one of the colours from your wallpaper or sofa so that the colours flow around the room harmoniously.

As brass is also trending this year you can bring further elements into the room with glass topped coffee tables with brass stands/legs, floor and table lamps and even sunburst styled mirrors. Remembering to keep the items sitting quietly in the background to give the patchwork room to show itself off and yet at the same time including them and placing them appropriately in the room is imperative to achieve the desired look.

The sofa itself can be your own handicraft project and is a great way to up-cycle and recycle an old sofa. As with all patchwork projects choose a variety of colours which compliment one another, along with a range of different textures and patterns. Cushions can also be patchwork or solid pattern fabrics which are incorporated into the sofa’s patterning.

It’s true that you will need a little experience with re-upholstery if you want to get a professional finish, complete with piping and an exact fit, so you may need to call in someone to help you or hire someone to carry out the recovering process – however, once you do that you’ll have to factor in the cost of labour and this could very well end up defeating the monetary object of up-cycling and recycling.

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