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Interior Design Ideas: New Year Party Preparations

The New Year’s celebration is a time for dreaming of a happy and prosperous future. Glitter and sparkle are common among decorations but can become stagnant without the right planning and design. This year, surprise your guests with a new twist on the razzle-dazzle of welcoming in the new year by using a variety of ideas from home and abroad.

The Elegance of White
White washed walls are found in country and city homes alike, so why not expand on the freshly scrubbed background? In Western nations, white symbolises purity and innocence. What better way to look toward an unpredictable future than through the eyes of a child? White can also stand alone with white curtains and a few light colours. Light blues, subtle greens or lavender will keep the pristine nature of a new beginning and an untouched innocence. Silver curtains can add that sparkle associated with celebrations and provide a break from too much white.

A Touch of the Orient
Chinese vases of floral designs, plum blossoms signifying perseverance, and the evergreen pine tree that represents steadiness and longevity, are traditions that express the unification of family and friends in the orient. The colours and style bring out a harmonious atmosphere of starting anew. A few pieces are all that is required to set minds to thinking about better futures and the celebration of life.

Glass, Crystal and Light
Dust your evergreen Christmas tree with imitation snow before adding large clear lights to bring focus on this living statue of nature. Cover with whispering light blue or light green sheer bows to give a dreamy appearance. Ornaments of silver, light blue, light green, and crystal will ensure a pleasing effect. Use crystal and glass generously around the room, possibly to hold Chinese flowers that signify life and longevity. Taper candles can be used to highlight corners in crystal or silver holders. If you feel an extra touch of colour is needed, extend the sheer bows around doorways and along a mantle.

The attitude of a bright new year will greet guests as soon as they walk into the room. Not only is it a switch from lots of busy colour that marks a celebration, but little more. Clean, new, unified and innocent will be some of the reactions in your elegant, yet comfortable, ringing in of a Happy New Year.

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