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Interior Design Ideas: Boxing Clever

Boxing Day is one of the best parts of the holiday season. Stress from the anticipated event has finally been put to rest, for another year. It is the first time in a month that you feel relaxed. Get out the paper plates and cold cuts, and tell everyone to fend for themselves because you are going shopping.

Sales, Sales, Sales!
Outrageous online sales take place on the day after Christmas, better known as the Boxing Day Sales. After spending hours of giving your home a new look for the holidays, you have grown quite accustomed to the new look. The sophisticated colours and extreme feeling of serenity, has convinced you that it is time for a permanent change. Take advantage of the day to check out the online bargains while the family watches a sporting event on TV. It will be easier to visualise furnishings and materials in your home, while sitting in the midst of your project.

Colours that Work:
Those white curtains that were hung for contrast against the grey and lavender holiday theme, opens the room. Taking them down would just be a mistake. A valance of pink and violet patterns would really highlight this area once the tree is removed. As you begin to notice the contemporary holiday decorations disappearing, you can see perfect replacements of the same colour scheme. Cheap rugs could be another way to keep this new artistic, and balanced feeling. Plush grey with white flowing lines, give a touch of elegance, without taking over the room.

Accessories that Flow:
As you picture each holiday statue and ornament being placed in the storage box, imagine what pieces could accent the room with a similar flow. Remember to keep it simple and sophisticated so the passion cannot escape. Write down your thoughts and selections as you begin your journey through the online sites. Compare pricing, quality and customer satisfaction while browsing. Simple, large wall hangings, delicate plum-coloured vases and attractive scented candles, are a few accessories that can keep the serene flow.

Get input from family members of your shopping selections and you will not be sad when your Christmas decorations are taken down. A grand new look will start off your New Year with fresh hopes of happiness and prosperity when your décor ignites the new ‘you’. There will never be a better time to redecorate, and save money, than on Boxing Day.

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