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Interior Design

Interior Design Ideas: Season’s Greetings

Living rooms that are too, too neutral, can tire easily. However, you may like the ambience of the comfortable space and feel that you will regret a full-fledged over haul. Keep your neutral colours and space, while trying a few different additions during the holiday season. You may find that supplying different tones and the right materials for depth, can deliver that needed burst of flavour.

Simple Changes to the Obvious
More than likely, you have curtains that are of a soft fabric that blends with your wall colour. Here’s where you can really make a well-defined statement. Introduce a darker shade to your lightly-tinted colour scheme through curtains that command instead of follow. Select a daring stripe or other large display of earth tones that highlight the boldness. The window treatment will not make your room feel dark and foreboding, but will bring your neutral colours to seem more alive. Look at cheap rugs that are flat, but seasoned with ripples, waves, or leaves. Use the same colours as what is in your room, because the Christmas tree will add the right balance with form and dark green. After the tree comes down, you may choose to look at rugs that are more in tune to your new curtains.

Natural Forest of Timeless Beauty
A dark coffee table against your new, patterned area rug, will give you the feeling of walking through a forest that is quiet and eloquent. Without realizing it, you have formed the perfect picture of timeless beauty with just a few subtle changes. Keep that feeling as you begin your festive tree trimming and decorating. Getting a little more comfortable with the natural beauty of wood and darker colours, select a few bulbs that match your curtains. Mix it up with shades of gold and green, then hang some pine cones and long, thin golden ornaments. Your dark table can be host to candles in glass or gold-coloured containers, and your favourite array of holiday novelties. Be sure and keep a good balance of tall and short items that charm and not confuse. Use simple ivy instead of heavy wreaths and garlands that can take away from the natural combination of grand trees in a forest and light, airy furniture for resting.

Mixing refined and soothing naturals will give you a new outlook for how beauty can be appreciated. The changes will make you realize that this type of look doesn’t have to be used only during the holidays, but all year long.

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