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Interior Design

Add Comfort Underfoot this Christmas with Beautiful Rugs

There’s something about the delightful feeling of walking on a soft rug in stocking or bare feet! This Christmas put a spring into your foot and use rugs to bring an On-trend look to your home. With so many lovely colours, plain or patterned designs along with vast ranges of shapes and sizes no home should be without at least on rug to add comfort underfoot.

Of course you can always add a rug to disguise a stain or a patch of threadbare carpet – which can be a real bonus if you have family or guests coming to visit! However, even if you have wooden flooring a rug can help ground your colour scheme as well as bringing another texture to your rooms.

Don’t restrict the use of rugs to your living room. In the dining room a large rug placed under the table is a great idea which will make folk feel welcomed. The rule of thumb when using a rug in a dining room is to have one which is sufficiently large enough so that when chairs are pulled out they remain on the rug rather than dropping onto the carpet or flooring. This typically means that the rug should be about 1ft larger than the table all the way round. It’s also wise to choose the shape of rug the same as the table, this will not only look stylish it will also bring a sense of harmony and balance to the room. Another advantage of using rugs in a dining room is they can help protect your floor from accidental scratches and marks.

Obviously a rug will last well beyond Christmas so it makes sense to choose one which reflects the style of your home and your décor. Faux sheepskin rugs are seeing a huge revival and provide a deep soft pile in which to wriggle bare toes along with adding chic style to your rooms.

If you have a contemporary interior designer rugs are the way to go – using bright bold colours and abstract motifs these gorgeous rugs will make a real statement in your home. Or maybe you prefer something a little more traditional – Shanghai rugs are the perfect choice and will bring a refined elegance to your living room.

Whichever type, style or design you choose one things for sure your family and visitors will be wowed by your new soft furnishing addition.

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