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Bathroom Bliss this Christmas

Whether you have a family bathroom, master or guest bedroom en-suites, one thing is certain and that’s the fact that this or these rooms will be frequently visited over the festive season. With family members and guests visiting this room, and a perhaps a downstairs cloakroom, many times during their stay, bathrooms are places where you need to ensure that they are spotlessly clean and up to date with regards to the creature comforts we all take for granted and that is the humble towel.

With so many different colours and sizes available there will be super soft towels to suit and if you can’t find the colour to match your décor then white or cream will co-ordinate with any colour scheme beautifully. Furthermore the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ no longer holds true when it comes to luxury towels. Online retailers offer fabulous discount with compromising on quality.

Let’s start with a family bathroom –
Not everyone has more than one bathroom, so having sufficient towels for everyone is a must – if there’s lots of young children it may be wise to steer away from white and go for darker beige towels or a colour so that the towels don’t get grubby too quickly – the last thing you want to be doing over the festive season is copious amounts of laundry. Don’t forget to have cleanhand towels in the downstairs claokroom.

Guest rooms –
Giving guests fresh, fluffy towels can really make a huge difference. If your guest room has an en-suite then it makes sense to use towels which match the colour scheme, if not white towels are the best ways to give them a 5 star hotel treatment. If you can try and provide clean towels every day or every couple of days.

Mater bedroom en-suites –
After all of your hard work you deserve to give yourself a little pampering – soaking in a warm bath surrounded by scented candles and warm towels to warp yourself in as you step out of the bath will be an great way to treat yourself to a little well earned luxury this Christmas.

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