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5 Star Festive Makeovers for Guest Rooms Using On-Trend Chartreuse and Naturals

Today we have another post looking at how you can give your guest room a 5 star makeover before your visitors arrive for the festive season. After looking at hot pinks, purples and honey golds we turn our attention to On-trend Chartreuse and Naturals. These calming colour combinations work well in all styles of homes and will blend perfectly with just about any décor or existing colour scheme you have.

One of the greatest advantages of Chartreuse and Naturals is their chameleon-like ability to blend into any size or style of guest room. The paler shades, when teamed with white, offer a light and refreshing look, making rooms light and airy. Chartreuse is also anon-gender specific colour which means you can’t go wrong who ever comes to stay.

For a modern look geometric leaf patterns will bring a touch of Springtime into duvet cover sets and curtains. Alternatively opt for a bright green bed runner to compliment whites, creams and pale greys. These stylish bed runners can give a boost of energy and style to a bedroom without any effort. Use co-ordinated cushions and warm fleecy throws to give your guests comfort during their stay.

Fancy something a little more dramatic? If you do Chartreuse and black will make a style statement in any guest room. Providing luxury and comfort an embroidered duvet set combining Chartreuse and black have a distinctive nod towards contemporary design and masculinity, while the embroidered detailing shows a subtle touch of femininity, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of colour and style.

Don’t forget to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed. Little additional touches such as bedside table lamps, throws and cushions can all provide comfort for your guests. Removing clutter and other cosmetics such as including an easy chair can make all the difference to the look and feel of the room.

As Chartreuse and Naturals work so well together you can transform your guest room in no time at all – if your walls need painting the go for white as these leaves you a blank canvass on which to introduce your new colour scheme – not forgetting that white paint is the least expensive, making this makeover a cost-effective room to back its identity too.

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