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Small Spaces Can Provide Big Returns in Children’s Bedrooms

Your kids want their own room, but the only one left is so small, it’s difficult to imagine getting everything your child needs in that space. Don’t worry, plenty of new decorating ideas and bedroom makeover ideas that are especially for the smaller area and can maximize the use of every square inch. Each of the designers thought outside of the box.

Sometimes, instead of extending the box sideways, the designers took the unit skyward and created new space vertically. Some of these newer units have everything from a bed, drawers and desk, using unique ideas such as drawers that double as a staircase to the bed and work area. These ingenious bedroom units can fit in an area you might consider a walk-in closet and make it into a full functioning room any kid would love.

Other units keep the bed down under with only a small vertical rise. A work area and group of storage lockers with shelves and drawers sit on top of a fax floor. Under the flooring is a bed ready to slide out when the sun goes down or the homework is completed. You can get these units with duo desks and beds or one. These units are perfect if you have a crowded home but want plenty of floor space left over for anything from weights to a balance beam or crash mat.

While going upwards the room should also be balanced otherwise it can simply look too top heavy – bring this back to floor level by using large rugs to help ground the colour scheme or theme of the room. Wooden blinds are a great alternative to childrens curtains, especially for older children as they can be fitted inside the recess of the widow casing flush against the glass – the window sill will also provide another useful display shelf that won’t be in the way when it’s time to close the blinds. Be mindful if you’re going to use blinds in a toddlers’ room and choose the styles which are operated by wands rather than chords – also be careful about what you display on the window sill, toddlers love to climb and you can bet they’ll try and clamber up to grasp their favourite teddy when you’re not looking.

With so many fabulous innovative designs turning a small bedroom into a space which packs a punch in terms of style and function is relatively easy – just follow the examples from the designers and adapt them to suit the needs of your children and budget.

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