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Ways to Add Extra Space and Give Your Child’s Room Pizazz

Most parents find that storage space is at a premium in their child’s bedroom. Unlike many adult bedrooms, a child’s area also contains their favourite stuffed animals, doll houses, toy boxes and many other collectibles. It often doubles as a play area besides being a homework station for older children. Regardless of age, computers are now part of a growing child’s room, which takes up even more area. Finding creative ways to provide storage space can be challenging. Luckily, there are some great ideas to help.

College students have found adequate space a problem since the first dorm room existed. The loft, once an innovation, is now a staple for most college dorm rooms. A loft is nothing more than a bed on very tall legs. Underneath the sleeping area, there’s plenty of space for a work area, including space for a computer.

You can build a loft into the room design, find ready to assemble units or build one. Some of the loft units you can purchase offer the most storage in the least amount of space. They come with desks, counter space, chairs, shelves and drawer space all in one unit. A variation of the loft raises the work area too. The bed and desk area are on a platform and underneath the two is ample storage space for clothing and large items.

Having a clutter free floor may be asking too much from any child or teenager but if you use large rugs as a play area or crash mat it’s a great way to maximise floor space. Choose rugs to match or compliment duvet covers or bedding and the whole room will look and feel co-ordinated and balanced.

Shelving is always a great way to provide extra space, just ensure that it’s fitting firmly to the wall especially if you have a young child who likes to climb up, on and over everything he/she can. Although you don’t want to nail or screw everything down so that the bedroom resembles a prison cell putting a tv onto the wall will again free-up floor space.

There’s lots of ways you can make small bedrooms look and feel more spacious, it’s just a matter of weighing up all the options available and not forgetting to get your child’s in-put into how they want the end result to look.

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