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Colour Me Happy, Walls that Make Your Child Smile

Decorating your child’s room, once you have basic furniture, flooring and lighting, means a theme or colour scheme. That’s where the fun begins! While you might not ask for input from your child on whether they want carpeting or a cork floor with large rugs, getting their ideas on a colour scheme is vital. When they have a part in creating the room décor, it is their room, not something created for them. While the teen going through a Gothic period may be difficult to accommodate if you don’t want all black, in most cases, you’ll find your child’s requests reasonable. Use various shades of the same colour as an accent or as a visual trick to make the room look wider or longer.

You don’t have to wallpaper a room to get the designs your child wants for their theme. Removable boarders, decals and stickers can help you out in that area. Probably one of the hottest items in decorating a child’s room is the new vinyl decals. You can find them in sports themes, cartoon characters, butterflies, dinosaurs or almost anything a child or teen might want. Best of all, unlike wallpaper with similar designs, you can add just as many as you want without overwhelming the room and easily remove them when you’re child’s ready to move to the next stage.

Do you have a creative genius that loves to jot down ideas when the mood hits them or a budding artist who needs a place to display their latest creation? Why not paint a wall with blackboard paint and give them a place to solve problems, create pictures or simply put reminders for the next day. Dry easel and chalkboard vinyl decals are also another method of providing the same type of space.

If your walls are in less than perfect condition and remodelling isn’t in the cards, wallpaper may be your answer. Make certain you purchase washable or scrubbable for younger children, and strippable wallpaper. It’s easier to clean and unlike old-fashioned wallpaper, easier to remove when it’s time for a change. You don’t have to wallpaper every wall either, particularly if your walls don’t have major flaws. Simply use wallpaper for one wall and paint three others or use any type of combination. To give the room balance and cohesion include childrens curtains in the same colours and theme if you can, matching duvet covers will also bring the room together incredibly well.

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