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On-Trend Bold, Eclectic Oriental Bedrooms

If you love bright, bold colours and jewelled tones you’ll love a bedroom which embraces all of these and allows for you to include individual pieces to create a bright and vibrant bedroom style. The inclusion of fabulous tactile fabrics such as silk and taffeta along with a variety of patterns makes Bold, Eclectic Oriental leans favourably towards an Indian interior design style which encourages you to be daring and experiment.

You don’t have to go too overboard and bombard you bedroom with bright colours if you don’t want to – you can still achieve the look by include soft furnishings and accessories in jewelled tones, cushions in soft velvet can sit comfortably on faux silk bedding to create a stunning bed which can easily become the focal point in the room.

Oriental patchwork duvet sets are ideal for bringing the look into your home without any fuss or hassle. By selecting one or two of the colours included in the duvet cover as accents you’ll be able to ensure that the room has continuity as well as chic style.

Don’t forget that the colder nights are approaching fast, so add an on-trend embroidered bed runner in beautiful spicy colours to blend and co-ordinate with the rest of your room. The eclectic style is a great way of mixing colours, patterns and styles – but be careful as this interior design style requires just as much planning as any other – eclectic doesn’t mean a jumble hotchpotch of accessories thrown willy-nilly in the room – make the colours and style work for you by making deliberate and thoughtful choices in fabrics and materials. The style does allow for lots of imagination and is a great way to show your design skills and your individualism.

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