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On-Trend Red Oriental Bedrooms

A bedroom with a theme, irrespectively of how loosely you apply it, gives you a focus and your bedroom character. This Autumn/Winter we are seeing Oriental bedrooms taking centre stage and before you think bare and no detailing, you’ll be surprised just how inspiring this interior design style can be.

As red is the colour associated with good fortune and luck many Oriental bedrooms will include this gorgeous colour. It’s perfect for co-ordinating with white, creams and ivories, along with natural woods and black lacquered furniture.

Floral pattern also play a huge part in Oriental interiors, ideally these will be lotus or cherry styled blossoms. The delicacy of the flowers is highlighted by using them as a decorative pattern on duvet sets and large rugs, which in turn co-ordinate with lightweight voile panels and scatter cushions.

If you fancy something a little bolder a mix of black and red will make a real statement in your bedroom. In the West we consider these two colours in particular romantic and sexy, so what better place to use them than the bedroom! A black leather bed-frame will not only be trendy it’s also ideal for bringing white or red bedding to the forefront and taking centre stage. We’re not talking sordid or tacky, we’re suggesting sleek elegance and refinement. This colour combination and theme also works extremely well for male bedrooms, as the uncluttered and non-fussy approach is ideal for men of all ages.

Black bamboo blinds are ideal for aesthetic and practical purposes and are a great way to bring natural elements into the room, which are another key feature in Oriental styled bedrooms. Simplicity and harmony is the key to a successful red Oriental bedroom, so make sure that you allow for plenty of storage and your furniture pieces are kept to the bare essentials.

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