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Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends: Carnivals

This year we’ve seen street parties, celebrations and carnivals and I think you’ll agree that they give you the feel good factor – it’s this sensation, along with the bright colours and the hubbub that has been captured to bring a new carnival interior design style for us to use in our homes. Theatrical, fun and a sense of adventure – just like when the carnival arrives in town is the basis for this exciting style.

Bright, bold colours are the key to getting the look right, harlequin patterns, streamers, fancy and elaborate headdresses can be used for inspiration. Think along the lines of the grand carnivals from around the world to get a feeling of the type of patterns and designs you should be looking for.

Although this fun and vibrant style can create stunning interiors you need to be careful not to over do it, as you run the risk of turning your design into a circus rather than a carnival! This style is also being used to stimulate and jog our memories of childhood days and let us escape from the turmoil and stresses of everyday life.

Primary colours are perfect to use as base colours with accent colours either complimenting or deliberately clashing to bring a room alive. Harlequin patterns are ideal for bedding and large rugs and can be used to compliment plain walls and flooring. Metallic fabrics combined with embellished cushions, tie-back and tussled throws will add a touch of carnival fun without being too obtrusive. Try using gold or silver curtains, sweeping them open from the centre and holding them in place with large beaded tie-backs to give a stage theatre appearance.

Lighting will also play its part in getting the style right – use table and floor lamps with coloured bulbs to brighten up dark areas of your rooms. Voile panels are ideal for bringing new colours to your windows and can be used to create a wide stripe effect across your windows as each voile panel can be a completely different colour to its neighbour.

The carnival interior design style isn’t for the faint-hearted – you need to have a frivolous and out-going personality and be prepared to try new ways of decorating, use of colour along with experimentation will bring about a gorgeous style which will keep you smiling throughout the winter and well into next Spring.

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