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Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends: Scandi

As the cold weather approaches it’s only natural that we add extra layers to ourselves and our home to keep warm. Scandi is the new term for what is basically Scandinavian interior design styles with a modern twist. The basics remain the same however, the patterns, colours and styles have been brought up to-date to bring a fresh look to our homes.

White or pale icy blue are the staple background or base colours for Scandinavian interiors – this light and airy look was primarily used to make homes look and feel fresh even when the daytime hours where reduced and the more Northern areas had very few daylight hours. Today are seeing these base colours still being used but with creamy whites replacing brilliant whites and icy blues taking on a new look by having more intensity to the colour. Complimentary colours of black, reds and ink are being included to give rooms more depth and character without straying too far from the original concepts.

If you’re finding it difficult to visualise a new Scandi interior think along the lines of the latest jumpers which still have a white or cream base with the top ‘cape’ in reds and black patterns of snowflakes shapes. The new designs are a far cry from the jumpers that you dreaded being given at Christmas – these styles, colours and design are chic and trendy and not a reindeer in sight!

You should also think of warm fabrics and materials, wool, velvets, jacquards and damasks and use these for window dressings and soft furnishings. Silver curtains would look stunning against these colour combinations and won’t look at all out of place this Autumn/Winter.

Choose duvet sets with geometric patterns, again along the lines of snowflakes, and use extra bedding to bring a winter warmth to you and your bedroom. Large rugs can also be included in most rooms of a house and will not only bring additional warmth underfoot they can also bring a different texture, along with helping to ground your colour scheme.

Even though you’ll be piling on the layers don’t forget that different patterns and designs can sit comfortably next to each other as long as they have something in common – this could be colour, pattern or choice of fabric. It’s also worth remembering that opposites attract and using them can result in a room which is not only stylish but homely and comforting.

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