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Autumn/Winter Interior Design Trends: Whimsical

The refreshing whimsy from Spring and Summer are carried into Autumn/Winter with a stronger, bolder edge. This light-hearted way of styling your home enables you to escape the stresses of everyday life as soon as you walk through your front door. Frivolous, escapism is the order of the day, along with a curiosity which makes you want to delve deeper into your childhood and bring an adult touch to your ‘happy’ memories.

The colours are restful to the eye and yet engaging without being too loud or garish. Charcoal greys are favoured rather than black, and used in combination with corals, deep creams, mulberry, tea-berry and frothy sea foams. Happy colours are a ‘must’ and while the colours shouldn’t be too bright, the balance between morose and happy needs to be met in order for the colours to bring out the best of the style and your own personality.

Lightweight fabrics which provide ruffles and layers of ruched fabrics are being used to carry the light-hearted look into each room. Although we still need our privacy window dressing are given an almost theatrical look with festoon blinds or full length curtains which are left to naturally pool and puddle onto the floor. Lightweight voile panels can be teamed with wooden blinds to bring a hard definition to windows which are then soften by the voiles.

Large wall art can play a vital role in bringing this style into your home. If you’re good at hand-drawing, or know someone who is, you’ll be able to place your sketches stylishly within your home. Cartoon characters and illustrations from our childhood can sit comfortably in an adult environment, along with bold graphic shapes with defined edges to provide a dividing line between reality and fantasy. Printed duvet sets is a great way to bring a whimsical look to your bedroom and as this is a private room you’ll be able to show your humorous side without affecting the rest of your home. This interior design style will allow a playful look to be adopted without fear of being ridiculed.

Whimsical doesn’t have to be childish or soppy; it will enable you to let go of your inhibitions, experiment and have fun with your soft furnishings and colour combinations. If you’re fed up with the drudgery of everyday life this super interior design style may be right up your street – what’s even better is that it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to get the look.

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