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Choose Your Bedroom Design to Fit Your Personality

Selecting the right items, colours and designs for your bedroom require you to investigate your personal quirks and those of your sleeping partners. If you love bright cheery, almost glow in the dark colours but your partner is an insomniac, have a little compassion when decorating and go for cheery, yet soothing, so you can both sleep.

Are you a workaholic?
You might be tempted to make your bedroom another office, but think again, particularly if you have adequate space and share a bedroom with your special someone. Make the bedroom your get away from the daily tasks you face and give yourself a break. If the two of you have always planned to travel but never could find the time due to busy work schedules, your bedroom can be an inspiration for those tropical paradises, ancient cities or cosmopolitan scenes. If you must have a work area in the bedroom, create it in the corner and camouflage it with doors or an office armoire.

Bring in the light:
If you find yourself dreading each new day, creating the cheeriest environment to see in the morning can start your day right. Allow as much natural light into the room as is possible. If your window doesn’t come with a view, use half blinds or curtains uk to hide the disaster below your window and yet give you streaming light to greet you each morning.

Help yourself stay organized:
If you’re personality makes you creative but a bit scatter brained, help yourself stay on track with simple storage tricks. Wooden stretch cup hangers can make an ideal way to organize necklaces, scarves and even ties and yet are easy enough to use that you’ll actually put these items away each night. A special end of the day decorative dish or box near outlets is perfect for emptying pockets and keeping the cell phone charger. Beds with built in storage are great spots for extra bedding or off-season clothing.

Are you a perfectionist who needs everything spotless but your mate’s a comfort seeker?
That warm carpeting may be perfect for him but you find it’s a bit difficult to keep dust free. Go with cork floors for the perfect compromise. If you have hardwood floors, large rugs are another great compromise that can add splashes of colour and enhance your decorating style. Make certain they have non-skid undersides.

You can use special accents that you’ll both love:
You can identify his storage are with a unique picture indicating his special interest and yours in a similar manner. Wall decals can also unobtrusively identify them, as can other wall décor. Include luxury bedding still have an elegant and cheerful place to sleep which suits both personalities.

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