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Summer Interior Design Design for Outdoor Living Spaces: Outside Living Rooms

Won’t it be lovely if we could rely on the weather to provide wall to wall sunshine throughout the Summer? Sadly, this rarely happens, but we do get enough sufficiently warm days to warrant taking your living room outdoors for 3 months or so, and we can always keep our fingers crossed that we have an Indian Summer so that we can spend a little longer in the fresh air.

Outdoor living has become immensely popular and is gaining in popularity in these times of austerity, after all the new going out is staying in and so why not do it in style? Move away from your television, (or take it outside if you must, as long as it’s not raining!) and spend a little time relaxing during the evenings and weekends outside.

Comfortable furniture is a ‘must’, there’s no room for plastic chairs in this new outdoor living style; sofas and chairs are the order of the day, piled with cushions for extra comfort. You could also use curtains as a protection from prying eyes and strong sunlight and gentle breezes.

However, to really achieve the look you should aim for an overhead canopy and while this may sound a little complicated, if you use a basic wooden frame and buy heavy weight wholesale fabric, the type of fabric which is used to re-upholster deck-chairs for example, this can be kept in place using heavy duty staples or you can use lengths of fabric and place weights in each end hems. Make the hems wide enough to take the weights, this style will also mean that you’ll be able to remove the fabric when heavy rain is forecast.

For something just as stylish but a little easier lighter weight fabrics such as cotton or voile could also be used, but it’s doubtful that they withstand more than a moderate breeze. It may also be worth considering PVC fabric as this will be a little more shower proof – again this can be bought by the metre from an online fabric warehouse.

Other soft furnishings can be used at your discretion, rugs and lamps would be fitting and make your outdoor living room a sumptuous place to be! Shrug off the ingrained ideas that living rooms should only be indoors and take inspiration from other countries who spend the vast majority of their lives outside to create an outdoor living room to be proud of!

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