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Summer Interior Design Design for Outdoor Living Spaces: Sun Porches

If you love the outdoors and surveying the view of your garden then a sun porch maybe just the type of outdoor living space you need. Decorating sun porches can be a bit of a challenge as sun porches are a mixture of interior and exterior living space. If you have a sun porch or are in the process of adding one to your outdoor living space, take a look at some interior design ideas that are ideal for spaces of this type of outdoor living space.

Choosing a colour:

While you can choose any colour you wish for the decoration of your sun porch, it’s wise to opt for nature-inspired colours so that the space becomes an integral part of its natural surroundings. Choose earthy tones of green or light browns to feature as the dominant colours so that the transition between your indoor and outdoor living space is as seamless as possible.

Mildew-resistant curtains:
If your sun-porch is situated in direct sunlight for most of the day, you can use curtains as a form of sun blocking. If you do want to use curtains it’s wise to make sure that the fabric is mildew-resistant; dampness can easily cause real problems on traditional curtain fabrics. While these curtain fabrics may cost you a bit more than standard ready-made curtains, they will probably last a little longer, so you’ll save money in the long run.

Fabric Selection:
When choosing cushions or wholesale fabric for your sun porch, think about the relevance that moisture will have. Look for moisture-resistant fabrics, such as vinyl or cottons with a laminated finish as these types of fabrics won’t act like a wick as easily as standard fabrics and curtains. Keep an eye out for any signs of damp or moisture and remove furniture regularly to ensure dry air can circulate under and around – this will also help to keep moisture at bay.

Choosing Flooring:
The floor is another area where moisture can make its way into your sun porch; when choosing flooring remember that most carpeting will hold dampness, instead use rugs direct from the manufactures or online made from materials which are naturally moisture-resistant – hemp and sisal are good options. Tiles, wood or laminate flooring can also make good sun porch flooring, as they too will stand up to a certain amount of moisture, but they may suffer from fading from harsh sunlight.

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