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Summer Interior Design Tips: 5 Ways to Maximise Small Spaces

We don’t all live in large houses and yet with some careful planning, coupled with some great interior design ideas, even the smallest of rooms can be turned into chic living spaces. When it comes to interior design size doesn’t matter! It’s all about being comfortable, physically and mentally, in your home and we have some tips to help you make the most of your space.

1. Use a light colour palette:

Light colours typically make a room look light, airy and large – we’ve already looked at the latest trends which say that small rooms can also use dark colours – however, we’re going to stick with the more traditional concepts of light colours have the ability to enlarge the look of a room!

Just because you’re going to use light or pale colours doesn’t mean that your rooms will be devoid of colour per-se, just use darker colours in moderation, for example for curtains, cushions and rugs or accessories.

2. Go multi-purpose:
Modular furniture has really helped people make the most of their small rooms and multi-purpose furniture remains a great idea. Sofa-beds are one example that we’re all familiar with and it makes logical sense to use this concept when and wherever you can. Take a look at dining room tables that have folding chairs which can be tucked away, movable kitchen islands, or beds which slide under on another.

3. Do away with unnecessary furniture:
Taking the lead from the last point do away with furniture which isn’t a real necessity. Do you really need a central coffee table when a couple of small side tables will provide a place for your coffee cup and perhaps a small lamp. Not having a coffee table will free-up valuable walking space.

4. Spread outside:
If you have patio doors in your dining room or kitchen why not open them up and spread outside. Eating alfresco and outdoor living rooms are bang on-trend, so make the most of the dry days and expand your living space onto your patio or garden.

5. Limit bulky furniture:
In a similar vein do not having a coffee table do you really need a bulky wardrobe in your bedroom when cheap curtains can be used as doors across alcoves? There’s plenty of different styles and designs of curtains online so you’ll be able to match your colour scheme and interior design style without any hassle.

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