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Summer Interior Design Tips: Sun Factor

Have you ever wondered why stately homes and palaces have large heavy drapes and curtains? I think the answer is three-fold: firstly these old homes didn’t have double glazing and heavy weight curtains and drapes were used to keep out the draughts; secondly grandiose showing your wealth was high on the priority list for the aristocracy, and what better way to show-off your wealth than with full length ornate curtains made from the finest fabrics? Thirdly comes the matter of protecting furniture, flooring and soft furnishings from fading in harsh sunlight.

For some, all three factors are still an important part of their overall interior design – after all we all like beautiful window dressing which compliment our décor and style of home, for some splashing out on expensive or expensive looking curtains and drapes – (we mustn’t forget that cheap curtains can be bought online giving you the ability to choose the style of window dressing you want, rather than having to settle for second best) and thirdly the sun can still cause damage to furniture, flooring and soft furnishings.

Depending which direction your windows face will to a certain degree give you an idea of how strong or harsh the sunlight may be – it’s a little like putting on sun-cream to protect your skin from harmful UV rays – the stronger and hotter the sun the higher protection you’re going to need. We don’t equate sun entering our homes in terms of putting on a high factor sun-cream, however, you can (and should) consider the damage the sun can cause when allowed to flood directly into your rooms.

Let’s take south facing rooms as the lead example – these windows are the ones that need the most protection; leave them undressed and the sun will fade your flooring, albeit wooden, rugs or carpets. The sun will also fade your furnishings and furniture; this is when you see discolouration on wooden furniture or fabrics. But we mustn’t forget that the sun can also fade the curtains themselves, that’s why having fully lined curtains will not only help them to hang correctly the lining will also help reduce the colour from fading.

If you have wooden blinds as your window dressing it’s a good idea to look for those which have a special coating which will help protect them for any colour fading. Old style net curtains can also be used to make a lightweight barrier to help stop the sun from coming into direct contact with furnishings etc. For a more modern look lightweight voiles will work in the same manner.

As you can see there’s more to choosing blinds and curtains online than you may have thought of, but go with our advice and you’ll help to keep your home looking at it’s best irrespective of whether the sun is shining or not!

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