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Interior Design Ideas: Revamp Your Bedroom Quickly and Easily

Turning your bedroom into a relaxing retreat doesn’t have to break the bank. While you may want to purchase some inexpensive accessories for your bedroom, some of the best makeover tips focus on the atmosphere of a room as oppose to acquisition. Unless there is a fireplace or dramatic window in the room, the focal point of most people’s bedrooms is the bed. Therefore, concentrating your redesign efforts on this can significantly change the overall look of your room.

Consider making or purchasing a headboard if you don’t have one already. A simple mattress shoved against a wall will rarely look stylish. Look for a suitable headboard in thrift stores or markets. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or fancy, in fact if you purchase a plain headboard you can make it your own by either painting it, adding stencil designs or even re-upholstering it with curtain fabric. You will be surprised how something so simple can change the room.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, try installing bed hangings. These do not have to be expensive, in fact you can achieve a dramatic look using a curtain rod or narrow curtain pole mounted behind your bed and voile panels. This will add a subtle touch of drama to the most intimate room in your house and can be used to co-ordinate with you duvet cover sets to give the room harmony and balance.

When redesigning your bedroom, ensure you make good use of light. For example, vertical blinds or wooden blinds will allow light into your room without compromising privacy. Alternatively, you can dress your window with cheap curtains such as voiles and compliment them with heavier weight curtains. You can update your existing curtains by adding embroidery or even sequins. Even just adding tie backs to your curtains can change the look of your bedroom’s window space.

If the furniture in your bedroom is looking tired, you can either replace or refurbish. Repainting furniture will not only make it look good as new, it will also fit in with your new colour scheme. For example, a pine dresser can be stained a darker colour. You can even paint it an entirely new colour, although it is best to stick to sensible colours to prevent furniture looking bulky. The use of mirrors will not only add light to your room, they will give an illusion of space too. If the focal point of your room is an accent wall or headboard ensure you place a mirror here for maximum effect.

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