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Easy Ways to Redesign Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home and the one room you can truly kick back and relax. Whether your style is loud and proud or a quiet romantic, you can really show off your personality in your bedroom with some clever interior design. No matter how big your room is, with a little thought and some interior design ideas you can come up with the bedroom of your dreams.

Ordinarily, bright or loud colours are best saved for another room however, there are ways you can make loud and proud work without it looking over-the-top. Bright pink or red walls can be toned down with white polka dots or maybe another pattern. Alternatively, you can have a feature wall—usually the wall that your bed will be against—and paint your loud colour on it. Paint the other walls in a soft contrasting colour, such as white, beige or coffee. If you are working with an existing colour scheme, you can freshen it up with a colourful border or by repainting doors and skirting. A new bedroom colour scheme will also call for new duvet cover sets or super king bedding (depending on the size of your bed!) and you can choose these to complement your new colours. Plain bedding is easy to work with and won’t put any constraints of your style.

Clever use of accessories and soft furnishings can breathe new life into your bedroom with very little effort. For example, if you have decided your bedroom needs a more modern feel, you can achieve this by using complementary textures. Velvet curtains are right back in fashion and are no longer the heavy, sour-coloured drapes you may remember from old.

A pair of light-coloured velvet or white curtains teamed with a plain voile will dress up your window space, while adding a modern feel to the room. You can add more texture by using throw cushions on your bed, preferably cushions featuring a threaded or embroidered pattern. If your room is a plain colour, such as white or light brown, adding gold throw cushions to your bed will offer up a splash of colour.

Whether your room is small or large, you will want to make sure it is as light as possible, especially if you have chosen a fairly dark colour scheme. Bed side lamps coupled with centrepiece lighting will ensure the room remains well lit no matter how much natural light it receives.

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