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Easy Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

According to the British Sleep Foundation, people spend more time in the bedroom in their life time, then any other room in the house. It is surprising then that, after attic and basement rooms, the bedroom is the most neglected when it comes to interior design. Whatever the reasons for this are, focusing some time and effort on the bedroom can actually reap rewards in the future. You don’t even have to go completely over board, the right colour scheme, carefully picked soft furnishings and accessories can make a world of difference to your neglected bedroom.

A bedroom is the one room in the house where you can truly relax and rest therefore, the colour scheme should be calm and soothing. Bold colours such as red and bright green may be all the fashion, but they can create ‘interior noise’ and stop you from truly relaxing. Instead, calmer colours such as pastel yellow, green and blue will all add a touch of serenity to your boudoir. If you do want to plump for a bolder colour, co-ordinate it with something softer and it will lose its harshness. For example, a bold red feature wall accompanied with white or off-white walls will give your bedroom a feeling of space and calm, while still using the colour you want.

Updating the soft furnishings in your bedroom can sometimes be all a tired looking bedroom needs. You don’t need to go mad or purchase expensive items, just think of a theme that will co-ordinate with your room, something as simple as new duvet cover sets and you will be surprised with the results. If your bedroom has a light colour scheme and you want to encourage as much natural light as possible, blinds on the window can offer you this. Venetian style metal, vinyl or wooden blinds offer the option of light and privacy, they are also easier to keep clean in comparison to some fabric blinds. Teamed up with a pair of cheap curtains, you can create a stylish, yet functional window dressing.

Like most other bedrooms, yours will be filled with personal accessories as well as functional ones. Don’t restrict picture frames to dressers or tables, the right sort of frames can really add life to a plain wall. If you like art, a couple of pieces of wall art can also break up solid colours. Throw cushions on your bed are an ideal finishing touch and if you have a feature colour such as red, buy the same coloured cushions. This will really tie the theme of your bedroom together.

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