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Cool Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

For most people the bedroom is a place they go to each evening to sleep off the effects of a hard day at work. However, your bedroom is your sanctuary and the room you spend the majority of your time. For these reasons, it should be the room that receives your maximum attention when it comes to interior design. No matter how big your bedroom, you can revamp it and give it a completely new look with very little effort.

If your current bedroom is a mishmash of colours and textures, then it may be time to give your bedroom the minimalist look. This usually involves a basic, yet clean, colour scheme such as black and white or browns and white. What your room may lack in colour, you can make up for with beautiful textures. Long and opulent white curtains will add a special something to your minimalist room, without invading the feeling of space. Light fittings should be restricted to the walls, as table top lamps will interrupt the clean lines that are so important in achieving this look correctly.

Furnishings should be in keeping with the colour scheme and kept to a minimum, a bedside table and a reading chair are more than enough. Personal items such as clothes, bags and books should be kept out of sight in their appropriate storage space.

If you want a comfortable feel to your bedroom, the romantic look may be just what your room needs. For duvet covers sets pastel shades and other soft colours can be used to help create the desired atmosphere without being too loud. Use romantic fabrics such as silk or satin in your soft furnishings to add a soft texture to the room. A satin throw on your bed, in a colour which complements your room’s scheme, coupled with plain throw cushions will give your bedroom a classic look.

Basic wooden blinds at the windows will allow natural light into the room, this will contrast with the pastel colours and give a feeling of space. Don’t be afraid to show off your favourite accessories in a romantic-themed bedroom, plenty of personal pictures both on surfaces and the wall will help you tell your own story.

Fresh flowers are a simple, yet effective, accessory that look good no matter what the theme is. Artificial lighting should be soft, so avoid huge, over-the-top centrepiece lighting and instead opt for wall lights with the option of a dimmer switch.

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