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Stepping into Summer – Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Using Blue

You don’t have to have a bed-frame to create a stunning looking bedroom! Bed-frames can be expensive and if you’re not sure of the type or style, (or don’t have any spare cash) to suit your room then simply pop your mattress on the floor and use a mix of calming blue colours, patterns and prints on bedding and of the wall behind the head of the bed to make a stunning focal point in the room.

Great interior design ideas often stem from the most basic intentions and in a bedroom the intention to to create a place to sleep! There’s no hard and fast rules saying that you have to have a bed frame or that you have to make the bed the focal point in the room. In fact, if you’re going for a minimalist approach or are pushed for space, going without a bed-frame can make a room look more airy and open, as well as providing a bedroom with a relaxed, casual and informal charm.

Irrespective of whether you chose to have a bed-frame or not, blue and white are winning colour combinations for bedrooms. White provides you with a crisp, clean backdrop and is also associated with cleanliness (white sheets are inherently associated with a hygiene, maybe that’s due to the fact that hospitals use white sheets and you can easily see if they’re dirty!) while various shades of blue produce a serene, calming effect – both of which are conducive to rest, relaxation and ultimately sleep.

Include a variety of different patterns and textures to add interest and stop the room from looking too flat and lifeless. Choose plain bedding and contrast with patterned bed throws or swap this around and use patterned duvet cover sets and team with plain bed throws. Either way will look chic and stylish. The use of pattern will also help to prevent the room from looking cold – as we know blue is classed as a cold colour, so in order to prevent your bedroom looking and feeling chilly mix and match patterns and use various shades of blue.

Darker shades of blue are also associated with boys and masculinity, yet by using bedding with a floral and feminine pattern this stereotypical association can be instantly dispelled, leaving you with a bedroom which holds aspects and attributions from both genders which are chic and very stylish.

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