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Americana Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to Americana interior design, you will need to think beyond the stars and stripes of the American flag. Of course, the flag is an important part of this design concept but it is also based on America’s history and culture. The bonus about Americana interior design is that whether you fancy a whimsical hideaway or an elegant design, if it is American, then it is Americana design. The one and only rule when it comes to this type of interior design is to remember you do not want to go over-the-top. While Americana interior can look stunning when done right, it can just as easily look wrong and overdone.

If you want to capture true Americana, then you should choose a theme for your room. This can be the colours of the American flag or even the stars and stripes. If you have a favourite Hollywood star or singer, you can decorate a room in their honour. If you fancy down-to-earth, rustic charm, then you could decorate your room in old American colonial style. The choice is yours, and as long as it has an attachment to American lifestyle, culture or history, your room will capture Americana design.

One style that is particularly popular captures everything you would associate with the American Wild West. Animal skins and rough woods, give the feeling of living close to nature. Rather than go to wild with animal-skin furniture, brighten up your existing furniture with a leopard print throw or zebra print cushion covers. A rough wooden floor with large rugs in real or faux animal hide will keep the Wild West feel.

Earthy colours, such as browns and greens are an ideal choice for an Americana theme. Do not go too dark and ensure an even mixture of the two. Brown wooden window blinds are a ‘must’ for this theme, although you should ensure they are large enough to let natural light in when needed. Wild West-themed wall art will give visitors an idea of the theme you are trying to grasp. Of course, if you like this type of Americana style but do not want the Wild West twist, you can go for a log cabin feel with the same colours and design elements. Simple mirrors on the wall will give the feeling of space and also add some much-needed light. If you fancy a lighter design, colonial Americana with its whites and beige may be more your thing.

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