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Love is in the Air: How to get a Romantic Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary styled bedrooms mean that you have to love the latest innovations in interior design as well as keeping abreast of the current and emerging trends. In a contemporary styled bedroom romantic touches will focus mainly on the variety of tactile fabrics and materials you include as well as the colour scheme.

As we know contemporary typically means minimalism to create lots of open space. There’s never any clutter – or shouldn’t be – as this ruins the look entirely. Instead, everything has it’s designated space and remains within it. This doesn’t mean contemporary bedrooms are devoid of character or intimacy, far from it; what it does mean is that you’ll need to keep within the realms of what is acceptable to classify your bedroom as contemporary.

As I mentioned tactile fabrics and materials are what gives this style depth, warmth and individualism. Leather beds add a masculinity to the room which is soften by feminine touches in soft furnishings.

Although contemporary can be expensive it can be achieved successfully on a restricted budget. You don’t have to have bed-frames with plasma televisions built-in to the foot-board, or surround sound audio systems to be contemporary. With carefully planned soft furnishings and furniture your bedroom can still be classified as contemporary in style.

Add large rugs to polished floors – plain deep crimson red with a shaggy pile add a romantic look without being too slushy and gooey! Place the rug slightly under the bottom quarter of the bed to get the look – although your feet may not appreciate the cool flooring this time of the year if you don’t have under floor heating.

Team bedding to coordinate to achieve a balanced look, plain red duvet sets will do the trick very nicely and don’t have to cost a small fortune. Keep to plain rather than patterned so that the colour rather than the pattern becomes the visual point that your eyes will automatically be drawn to.

For added romantic touches fresh flowers or a box of hand-made chocolates will undoubtedly be warmly received. Don’t be tempted to choose anything romantic which verges on or is ‘tacky’ – contemporary means chic styling from top to toe. A beautiful silk robe seductively laid across the bottom of the bed is far more acceptable than all-in-one romper styled suit which seem to be flooding onto the market at the moment. Having said that…each to their own when it comes to romantic gestures!!

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