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Spring Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms: Soft & Breezy

Spring and summer may seem an eternity away, however, it’s just around the corner so if you want a fresh new look in your bedroom now is the time to think about the interior design style you want. You’ll also be able to grab some bargains as the ‘sales’ spill from January into February and people like yourself are looking for value for money and great styles even though your spending power may be a little restricted at the moment.

As the old saying goes ‘strike while the iron is hot’ (which comes from blacksmiths having to strike the iron while it is hot other wise the metal becomes brittle and the chance to hammer it into shape has passed) in this context I’m using it to suggest that rather then delay in making the decision to bring a new look to your bedroom do it now as ‘tomorrow never comes’ (another cliché and old saying).

Soft & breezy is a style which embraces the current interior design trends and offers a bedroom style which is easy on the eye and creates a soft and gentle look. As such, white or creamy whites are typically used. It’s heart lies very much within the coastal and beach style but with a little more finesse and maturity – no little sailing boats or shells patterns please! – instead opt for soft furnishings which are soft to the touch (as well as the eye) and create a carefree and breezy look to the room.

Little hints of colour and different textures should be used to prevent the room looking too clinically white, cold and hostile. This style is about enveloping yourself in creature comforts by using quilted bedspreads uk and duvet sets which have a feminine quality about them.

It also lends itself well to a mixture of laid-back and shabby chic as you don’t have to have brand new furniture. Second-hand wardrobes can be painted white and white metal bed frames are perfect choices. Extend your curtain poles and add other curtain pole brackets so that you can hang objects of interest from them rather than the actual walls – (this also a great idea for those who live in rented homes as you won’t have to drill any holes in the walls which can often pose a problem).

Keep the room light by using voile curtains, they’ll also give you the breezy aspect as they move and flutter when the window is opened.

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