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Interior Design Ideas: Enter the Dragon into Your Dining Room

It has to be said that many Chinese adore antiques, especially in their dining room. Ornate dining room tables and chairs, along with sideboards and cupboards are much sort after, along with antique diner services, plates etc. Many of the genuine Chinese antiques command very high prices, as such the revival of antiques has gathered momentum over recent years.

Hard wood floors, stone or tiles are not only beautiful but make practical sense for easy maintenance and cleaning. Often large Chinese rugs are placed under the table and although it means much of the glorious pattern is not easily viewed the practicalities of warm feet and aesthetic looks speak volumes. As per yesterday’s post buy rugs direct to enable you to choose the correct size and colours to suit your dining room’s colour scheme.

Plain or patterned, either will look ‘right’ – if you have a large dining room then wallpaper with a Chinese pattern will enhance the overall look of the room. Red and gold are most favoured colours, with red being an ideal colour for a dining room as it is believed to stimulate appetite.

Over head lighting is common place, with sideboard table lamps to soften the harshness. You don’t have to use Chinese lanterns – these are usually kept back for festive occasions or used in restaurants!

As I mentioned at the start, antique wood, especially dark wood such as ebony, is much sort after in traditionally styled homes. However, the Chinese also love cutting edge technology and contemporary styled interiors include glass and perspex tables and chairs.

Soft Furnishings:
Wooden blinds, in the same colour tones and wood as the dining room suite are regularly used as the sole window dressing, however, full length ready made curtains uk in pattern red faux silk add a touch of refinement and glamour to a dining room.

Wall art and Chinese images are displayed on plain walls, along with the use of large mirrors to make small dining rooms appear lighter and airier. Ebony or black lacquered display cabinets house intricate Chinese gardens, dragons and flowers made from finely carved cork, ivory Buddha, porcelain ginger style jars and carved gourds are used as display items, many of which are family heir looms and treasured items. Don’t forget to include touches of red in your accessories if you haven’t used the colour for walls.

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