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Interior Design Ideas: Enter the Dragon into Your Living Room

Today we take a look at ways to bring a touch of the orient into your living room. As we discussed yesterday the colour scheme for the Year of the Black Water Dragon is predominately oceanic blues and greens, red, black and gold, with stripes to create dynamic interiors that will suit all styles of interiors with a little tweaking and emphasising the room’s focal point.


As with the vast majority of modern and contemporary interior designs, floors with a highly reflective surface are replacing fitted carpets. Under foot comfort is provided by using Chinese rugs, which are highly decorative and offer a superb softness under foot. It may be wise to buy rugs direct from online retailers in order to get the best designs, sizes and of course prices!

Walls are typically plain which enables wall art to be displayed and admired. Cream and hues of red are often seen as these are easy on the eye, while the red is believed to bring financial rewards and luck to a home.

Central ceiling lights with shades to suit the style of the interior remain in place as they do in most homes. Softer lighting is created by the use of floor and table lights, often with a base representing a Chinese Buddha or dragon. Some are extremely ornate – with antique versions being carved from ivory or bone – although the practice of buying or selling new ivory is illegal you can still find beautiful ceramic designs or faux ivory.

Comfort is the key in Chinese living rooms with sofas and chairs being placed or grouped to encourage conversation. Coffee or tea tables are typically low to the floor, although tea drinking rituals are not adhered to as stringently as in the past.

Soft Furnishings:
Like all homes living room windows requires a dressing, whether it be ready made curtains uk, blinds or a combination of the two. Large picture windows are favoured in contemporary living rooms to allow as much natural light as possible to enter, as such the windows are dressed with full length curtains, either with a standard pencil pleat heading or eyelet curtains for a more modern approach.

Wall art with Chinese symbols is common place. While this year large images of dragons would not be out of keeping and a great way to embrace the Year of the Black Water Dragon. Cheap cushions in red will symbolise good fortune, pattern can be bought into the room via cushion covers and throws with stripes and flashes of gold.

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