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Interior Design: Enter the Dragon

Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the dragon, or to be more exact the year if The Black Water Dragon. Before you think that dragons are all about children’s story tales the Chinese hold their year symbols very highly – more especially as their dragons aren’t the fire breathing creatures many of us imagine. Their dragon is believed to help those who are less fortunate than others as well as have auspicious powers.

As this year is the Black Water Dragon you’ll be able to encompass some of this year’s interior design trends to achieve a balanced and well thought-out interior. As we saw last week flowing water is amongst this year’s trends – so bringing the water element of Feng Shui into your home offers you the opportunity to embrace the latest trends.

Red is used to celebrate the Chinese New Year and can be used in any room of your home as an accent colour which coordinate superbly with black to create a contemporary and modern style or use red teamed with gold for more sophisticated and refined traditional style.

Water is also associated with blues and greens in oceanic hues. These colours are can also be described as natural and earth tones – as you can see the latest colour trends sit very nicely next to the Chinese year of the Black Water Dragon.

According to Feng Shui masters this year’s colours will give you the chance to create a dynamic interior, these colours will not only give fresh new looks they’ll also increase the flow of positive energy which brings good luck and good health – something we could all do with this year!

You don’t have to adopt an entirely Chinese interior – simply use this year’s colours as accents such as cheap cushions, throws, curtains, rugs, kitchen blinds and duvet cover sets etc. to get a fresh new look which you can dress-up or dress-down according to the style of your home and your personal choices.

Stripes will also play a part in Feng Shui interiors, with the luxury touch of flashes of gold – which will coordinate beautifully with oceanic hues. There’s plenty of ways to bring this look into your home and this week we’ll be looking room by room at ways to bring a touch of luck to your interior!

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