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How to Use Tangerine Tango in Your Kitchen

Irrespective of the style of your home you can easily add this year’s on-trend colour of tangerine tango – orange- into your kitchen. This punchy colour is a great way to liven up a kitchen without having to paint kitchen cupboard doors or re-tile the splash-back unless you’ve planned a complete kitchen makeover.

In country style and traditional kitchens the blinds or curtains are a great way to include the colour. If you want a ‘twee’ country style look for floral fabrics which have orange undertones or look for fabrics designed for kitchens with an orange (the fruit) pattern. An alternative idea is to use plain kitchen blinds and teamed them with either café style curtains or a ruffled fabric valance in a fabric to compliment your dining room. Don’t forget that orange tones are found naturally in pine, making the use of orange ideal to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and enhance the country cottage look.

Modern and contemporary kitchens will favour plain orange kitchen blinds and kitchen rugs. These two simple additions can transform the look of your kitchen without any fuss and yet provide maximum impact. Coordinate accessories by using orange coloured storage jars, utensil holders or fresh tangerines or oranges displayed in a stainless steel fruit bowl. A single orange coloured gerbera displayed in a coordinating vase or holder will look stylishly trendy placed onto of a stainless steel or marble worktop.

Shabby Chic styles can really have fun playing with orange colours – look for accessories which favour orange undertones and use a plethora of floral fabrics with orange flowers such as roses, carnations or marigolds or garden fruits. These can then be selected for a kitchen table display to tie the colour throughout the kitchen in a nonchalant and typical shabby chic way. Don’t get too carried away, as too much orange can give you a headache and cause stress particularly if you’re a shy wallflower type of person.

We mustn’t forget that orange is a naturally warm colour – as it is a combination of red and yellow. Within colour psychology orange is classed as an energetic colour which is believed to increase energy levels – the ideal colour to get you invigorated over your breakfast!

Orange is also related to harvest, ripe garden fruits and vegetables, healthy eating and appetite – so if you want to ‘go healthy’ this year orange is the ideal colour to incorporate into your kitchen décor and soft furnishings to stimulate and awaken your senses!

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