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Be a 2012 Trendsetter – Add Curves

We have come to associate contemporary interior design with straight lines and minimalism and while the minimalism still holds true this year interior designers are adding curves to add depth and character to rooms. Furthermore, this year ceilings are also in the frame so to speak with new concepts of steering away from plain white by adding colour and pattern.

Think of curves in a similar way to a woman’s body – it may sound stereotypical but you need to think sexy curves to get this style right! What better place for experimentation with this new concept than the bedroom. Use curves to add a new dimension to walls and continue the curves up across the ceiling to create a dynamic looking room.

If you’re up for a challenge you could also embrace the 3D craze by using MDF, for example, cut into curvaceous shapes and applied to the walls and ceiling. By using a contrast between plain and pattern the 3D effect will be enhanced.

To add a sensual look keep your colours muted rather than bright and garish. Soft pinks teamed with deep maroon, white and cream offer a striking yet soothing look to a bed room. Continue the theme with duvet cover sets and bed throws in the same colour tones. This style concept takes the bed away from being the focal point in the room and allows the eyes to naturally follow the curves on the walls and ceiling.

Pattern is included as mentioned but it’s not overpowering or too demanding – subtle contrasts are what’s needed to achieve the look. Don’t try and cram too much into the room otherwise it will become too confusing, which can lead to imagery chaos.

By keeping the floor plain and using a large rug deliberately placed off-set the perspective in the room also changes. If you can’t find a suitably large rug to suit opt for buying rugs direct from retailers as you’ll have a wider choice of sizes and colours. Don’t be tempted to choose a patterned rug however beautiful they may be – keep it plain and the rest of the bedroom will speak for itself.

If you’re stuck in an interior design rut and what something new and exciting this type of project is ideal – start now whilst you have the enthusiasm and before spring arrives you’ll have a stunning new bedroom which has the ‘wow’ factor.

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