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Be a 2012 Trendsetter – Use Various Window Dressing Styles

In the olden days, sheer fabrics on the windows were considered taboo mainly because these were the equivalent of flaunting sheer lingerie in public at a time when women dressed in dress with long hemlines and sleeves! Fortunately, we live in a time when barely-there lingerie and bikinis worn in public places is a commonplace occurrence.

Sheer fabrics as window treatments are versatile. You can use these fabrics as valances, swags and jabots as well as full top-to-floor curtains depending on your design goals. You have the choice of either combining sheer fabrics with other thicker fabrics or letting sheer fabrics stand on their own beauty.

For example, sheer fabric panels can be used as ribbons to tie back ready made curtains uk, as accent stripes on drapes, and as trimmings around the curtains’ edges. Tulle, a sheer fabric, can be embroidered with sparkly beads and then used as a valance. Sheer scarves with colourful prints can be hung on rods, while white chiffon can be formed into swags.

If you’re unsure which fabrics to use together ask for free fabric samples then you will be able to hold the different types next to each other to see which works the best for your intended window dressing. If you make your own curtains any spare fabric can be made into trims for blinds, cheap cushions, tie-backs or table runners, giving you a cohesive and balanced look to your rooms.
It is also a good idea to be open minded about your window dressings, experimentation is all part of successful interior design.

Choose window dressings which suit each room in your home rather than having exactly the same at every window. This may sound a little odd to some of you, while to others it will strike a chord as they look around their home to see identical window treatments in every room which have become habit rather than moving out of their comfort zone!

Mismatching is on-trend this year and is a great way to get a fresh new look. Matching bedding and curtains is a little ‘yesterday’ and with the great ranges of gorgeous fabrics to choose from there’s no need to be drab, dull and repetitive. The next room you decorate try using a new concept in curtains, blinds and drapes, you’ll notice the difference as they will make a dramatic difference to the dynamics of your room.

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