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Be a 2012 Trendsetter – Travel Back in Time

Who says that trends in interior design must always look forward to the future? You will observe that the last trend for 2012 actually looked backwards in time. In this vein, the most popular trends in window treatments are:

• Colonial – Blinds and shutters are the dominant features with fabrics like lace and other sheer materials as accents. Ask for a number of free fabric samples to enable you to compare colours and types of fabric to get the look right for your home.

• Mid-century – The emphasis is on natural shapes, simple silhouettes and casual ambience. The fabrics are neutral in colour while the pleats go from top to bottom.

The results are likewise dynamic, with a certain unique feel that make the window treatments South-western while still providing plenty of room for personalisation. The window designs often tend to lean on the side of bold, vibrant and geometric patterns coupled with vivid earthy colours. The South-western style is easy to adopt. The easiest is to hang woven curtains with Native American motifs as well as wide wooden shutters or Venetian blinds with natural finishes.

As we know the recession is set to continue this year, making it an ideal time to adopt interior design styles which lean towards home-made soft furnishings. If you’re not adept at sewing start with simple projects such as making your own cheap cushions and as your confidence grows you can begin to take on larger soft furnishing projects. Making your own provides you with the opportunity of having bespoke touches to your interior and with the vast number of instructions and guides available making your own is no longer considered a ‘poor equivalent’.

The return of the Arts & Crafts movement in the 21st century also shows that you wish to be individual and furnish your home with a variety of unique aspects. We don’t expect you to start beating copper into trays, although you could! – however, it is worth taking a step back and embracing the move away from mass production and being inspired to try your hand at home-made, curtains, cushions and even bed throws.

Once again if the thought of making your own fills you with dread you can always adopt the look by using bed throws with a patchwork pattern and cheap cushions with simple button detailing which fool the eye into thinking they’re home or hand-made.

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