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Keep Calm & Carry On 5: Interior Design Bathroom Ideas

There’s no time to redecorate a bathroom in time for Christmas or the New Year, so keep calm and carry on by carrying out a few simple interior design tips.

Get Good Storage:

If your bathroom has no storage shelves and drawers, then get creative. You may have clear plastic containers or wicker baskets that can be used for temporary storage for the towels, bathrobes and other items while waiting for their wooden shelves to be built.

Get Hooked on Bars and Hooks:
Your bathrooms may not have sufficient floor space so your best move is to use wall storage options. Think of bars for the towels, hooks for the robes and floating metal shelves for other items, all of which can be installed within minutes using a drill. Choose towels, hooks and shelves that reflect your style in the rest of the house.

Go Easy on the Lights:
The bathroom is not exactly the best place for harsh lighting. Change a few of the lights so that soft lighting is available in certain areas while still giving good lighting in front of the mirror.

Get Organised:
After removing the non-essentials and leaving the essentials in the bathrooms, your next step is to organise the latter. Use decorative storage containers for items that will be placed on the sinks, counter tops and open wall storage units – crystals, glasses and wood are great materials to work with and be chosen to coordinate with wooden blinds or Venetian blinds. Items that will be stored in drawers and shelves inside the bathroom can be placed inside clear plastic containers or placed in good order.

Don’t Slip Up!
Don’t let your guests slip on wet floors, use cheap rugs with an anti-slip backing. Choose a colour and style which compliments your décor – do away with mats around the loo as these can very easily make your bathroom smell unpleasant!

Curtain Call:
Get rid of ill fitting or faded window dressings, replace them of add new as this will instantly perk up a bathroom. If you have blinds for the sake of privacy, add a stylish curtain for a duo window dressing which is bang on-trend. Simple curtain poles can be fitted and allow you the choice of curtain heading to suit the style of your bathroom.

You still have time to do these few things – the effort will be worth it and you’ll feel more comfortable in your own home!

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