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Keep Calm & Carry On 4: Interior Design Bedroom Ideas

As the ‘big’ day draws ever closer now is the time to give the last minute touches to your bedrooms whether you have guests staying or not. If you’re the type of person who has a ‘set day’ to do your chores you won’t want to be doing washing or ironing on Christmas day or Boxing Day, or over the New Year so get these chores out of the way now!

Clean the Room:
Your first step is to clean the bedrooms, which should be easy since you will want to sleep in a clean room anyway. Vacuum the floor, dust the furniture and fixtures, and clear the clutter at least 2 days before your guests arrive. When you are pressed for time because of an impromptu party, choose a bedroom with the least clutter and designate it as the go-to bedroom for the guests. Now, if you have little to no time to clear the clutter, we suggest getting cheap plastic storage containers in which various odds and ends can be stuffed into in an instant! Even after the party and your guests have gone these storage containers are still useful in other parts of the house.

Change the Beds:
There’s nothing nicer than a freshly laundered bed to climb (or fall!) into after an exhausting day, Change duvet cover sets and bed linen, choosing ‘best’ to put on guests beds. It may also be a good idea to have a handy set of laundered bedding just in case you have an unexpected guests stay over.

Look at the Windows:
Make sure you curtains or blinds are fitted correctly and running smoothly. Dust down the louvres of PVC, aluminium or wooden blinds by using a slightly damp cloth. Check to make sure wands and operating cords are working, bear in mind if you have children or vulnerable people staying with you that pull cords are hooked up over the top of the header rail to reduce the choking hazard risk. If your curtains are sticking on the tracks or curtain poles dust them off and apply a little polish this will help them to slide and glide easier.

Check the Floor:
If you’re clutter free simply give the floors a hoover or sweep wood or laminate flooring. Add cheap rugs, not only for comfort but also to temporarily disguise marks and stains. Don’t forget it you have polished floors rugs can easily slip and move so use anti-slip matting to keep them in place.

Add Festive Touches:
Make guests and yourself feel festive by adding subtle decorations with a festive theme. Bowls filled with Christmas fragrant pot-pourri, simple floral arrangements or hang a stocking at the end of the bed or on a wall!

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