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Keep Calm & Carry On 3: Interior Design Dining Room Ideas

Re-shuffling your furniture and furnishings to accommodate extra diners over the festive season can be a daunting prospect, however, with our tips and hints you’ll be able to keep calm and carry on to create a room fir for both formal and informal dining.

Update the Chairs and Table:

A great way to redesign your dining room with little time, effort and money is to update the style of the table and chairs. We suggest the following:

* Change the slip-covers on the chairs from their usual everyday covers by using curtain fabric with festive prints, bold patterns, and bright colours – the slip-covers instantly update the chairs without actually changing their original stains and paints. For example, large red Santa hats can cover the backs of the chairs in time for a Christmas party and quickly changed for the New Year with brightly coloured ribbons and bows.

* Change the tablecloth according to the theme of the party or the time of the year. You can skip on stripping, staining and painting the wood since the tablecloth will cover any imperfections on the table. For example, the orange tablecloth from Halloween can now be swapped for a festive green, blue, gold and red tablecloth – whichever colour compliments your décor – in time for the New Year.

* Add a table runner made from the same curtain fabric as the slip-covers to create a coordinated look, if you have time you could also trim napkins with the same fabric to create a whole new look to your table.

Furniture Options:
If you have lots of guests arriving you may need to extend your table if it has the ability built-in however, you also have the option of bringing in new pieces of furniture into the dining room such as a long bench. Just make sure that the area will still be spacious for people to actually move around.

Be Prepared!
Be prepared for accidental spills if there are a lot of people around in one room it’s bound to happen! Protect your flooring by placing large rugs under the table; by rule of thumb dining room rugs should be approximately 1′ larger than the table – this allows for chairs to be pulled out and remain firmly within the perimeters of the rug.

With a little ingenuity you can easily create a new look for your dining room which won’t take too long to achieve or be too draining on your wallet.

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