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Keep Calm & Carry On 1: Interior Design Living Room Ideas

Keep calm this week and with our easy interior design tips you’ll have a house to be proud of over the festive season and beyond. The key principles to get right is the symmetry in your living room, use of focal points, wall décor and lighting.

3 types of symmetry:

• Symmetrical balance involves repeating the same objects in the same position within the vertical axis. For example, two large pottery jars flank a wooden shelf filled with oriental objects of art.

• Asymmetrical balance is a modern approach to interior design than its symmetrical counterpart. Two dissimilar objects with equal visual attraction are placed on a vertical axis, thus, achieving a sense of movement. If you want a casual, lively and relaxed look in a room, then asymmetrical balance is your main aim.

• Radial symmetry is achieved when the objects are places around a central focal point. Think of a spiral staircase and you get the idea.

Focal Points:
Speaking of focal point, any room should be designed so that there are focal points – only one, however, when the room is on the small side. The focal points should draw the viewer’s attention and, thus, encourage them to look further into the room. For example, a vintage fireplace or a hi-tech television can be the focal point in your living room.

Pictures on the Wall:
Don’t forget the blank walls of the lounge either. You can make a picture, a print or a painting as the focal point of the area, thus, eliminating the need to paint the entire wall. Be sure to choose a picture, painting or print that picks up on the theme of the lounge area so as to make a unified whole. For unusual wall art try hanging a large rug full of pattern and colour from a curtain pole – it’s a great way to add texture to walls.

Light Up Your Lounge:
Last but not least, look around the lounge and assess the lighting layout. The overhead lights may be too harsh on the eyes and, as such, must be replaced with lighting fixtures emitting a softer glow. With softer lighting, the lounges ambience becomes cosier, more casual and more relaxed. Don’t forget to make good use of natural light during the day. Wooden blinds will allow plenty of light in and keep prying eyes out.

Do-it-yourself makeovers in the home are easy jobs for as long as you know how to use soft furnishings and lighting fixtures to good use. Keep your money in the bank and yet still make it seem like your house had a total makeover worthy of professional interior designers’ admiration.

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